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December 7, 2015
Whete in the world is Confused John Travolta?

Episode #4
Share: https://youtu.be/Gg1y2SSMlpU
...to be confused

December 2, 2015
You know you're right when you describe Kobain's pedal setup...

...a making of
Episode #3
Watch and share: https://youtu.be/iCgrvZ4jqZE
...to be continued

November 27, 2015
All Beauty Must Die
...a making of
Episode #2
Watch and share and share and share: https://youtu.be/QPtZ6KQiyCU
Oh, sure...to be continued...

November 24, 2015
All Beauty Must Die
...a making of
Episode #1
Watch and share: https://youtu.be/SEnDVzO7XHQ
to be continued...

November 1, 2015
All Beauty Must Die
...a making of
Episode #0
Watch and share: https://youtu.be/IiJTfLe1L5A
to be continued...

October 18, 2015
Next friday October 23, 2015 we go LIVE in Florence!
Watch and share our video: https://youtu.be/N7SrgFrOlQs
Controradio Rock Contest @ Tender Club - Florence

October 14, 2015
We are proud to announce that All Beauty Must Die are one of the 30 bands from all over Italy, chosen to take part at the final act of the Controradio Rock Contest.
Soon more details will be revealed.
See you in Florence!

September 24, 2015
New photos uploaded.
Brand new contents are on the way.
Upcoming news very soon...

September 23, 2015
...and finally we are online with our new website!


All Beauty Must Die are a shoegaze + electronic duo from Cosenza (Italy).
After many years of playing with several bands, Antonio Serra and Rafal Burdzynski decided to join in a brand new project.
In April 2015 All Beauty Must Die made their debut live.
Their first single shall be out in the fall of the same year.



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